We are being watched at all times – and MUST be prepared to give an account of the hope that lies within us. May Hashem bless you with wisdom this day. Don’t forget to prepare for Shabbat – it is the first step in a sequence of deeds which allow you to fulfill the mitzvah (commandment) to REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY.

Below you will find the link to a (long) PDF from The Rabbi’s Son. In its 27 pages we find some excellent reasons for the halachah (walk) and minhag (custom) we practice. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT BEFORE CLASS NEXT TUESDAY, and be prepared to discuss its content.


I have heard from two of you regarding the order for tallit katan, talit, and tefillin with HaSofer. I will be following up with the two of you for some more specifics. If there is anyone else, please let me know before the Sabbath begins.

Shabbat Shalom,