In our last class we played the mugshot game with events, as we have done already with people and places. You should be prepared to randomly display a mugshot for any person, place or thing along the time line of G-d’s people.

After a final, broad-brush review of the time line, we watched a short video clip regarding the demographic shift in which our planet is in the midst. My thanks to Rick Hergenreter for forwarding it to me.

The video speaks of a rise in the Muslim population all over the planet. This fulfills the prophecy given to Abraham, that his first son, Ishmael, would be made into a great nation.

We played around with a short video clip from “A Few Good Men” to see if we could see parallels with the work of Hashem in our lives. I believe that when we play around like this, it exposes wrong theologies and incorrect assumptions regarding the sovereignty of G-d, the work of Messiah, the predicament of man, etc. We’ll play around with this type of exercise in the future, and we’ll make it more comfortable to get into the game quicker.

Next week we will have an Orthodox Rabbi visiting our class! I am honored that we have expressed our position on the “people of G-d” and the errors of the visible church adequately to have his company. Teaching Gentiles about historic Judaism in front of a Rabbi has me a bit anxious, but I am surrounded by good friends and men of like faith that have the same desire as I:

That we may glorify Him and sanctify His Name throughout all the earth.

Next week we will explain the weekly parasha and haftarah readings. Review why there are 54 when we only have 52 weeks in the year. Finally we will review the Shacharit prayers, what changes seasonally, and what our next holiday is.

We will schedule ONE 500 year history class each month or so. These 500 year classes will be in-depth, deep-diving.

After that… the quiz. History timeline high-level and mugshots. Then we will spend the second hour meeting the Rabbi…

As a result of our last class, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Name three events that occur in each of the eight 500 year periods between Abraham and today.
  2. Name each 500 year period between Abraham and today.
  3. Identify when all the Torah portions in Genesis (B’reisheet) occur on the time line.
  4. Identify the second Akedah in history.
  5. Name two men known by a title without a name.
  6. Identify the three centers of Jewish life during the second Temple period.

Almost done with the history overview! See you next Tuesday evening.



P.S. Click here to find the Class 3 audio, video, and handouts.