Shalom Men of Torah.

As many of you know, Jonathan and Noach, will be returning from Israel in about a week from now.  If anyone needs kosher techelet from Israel for your tallit or tallit katan please email me at by this Sunday, October 31.  I will arrange with Jonathan to purchase the techelet and bring it back with him.

There are two types of techelet.  Both are kosher.

1.  The first is the brighter and darker blue.  This is a result of an indigo-type ink blended with the techelet (i.e. blue snail juice).  Again, this is still considered completely kosher.  Is less expensive.  And it is available with just the blue threads — to be added to your existing white tzitzit.  Cost in USD for this is approximately $25 per set.

2. The second is the lighter, sky blue techelet which is dyed with 100% blue snail juice (i.e. no blend).  This is significantly more expensive and comes with the white and techelet threads in each set.  Cost in USD is approximately $75 per set.  Ouch!  But for all you Puritans….this is the real deal.

Also, if anyone would like simple, cheap white tallit katans let me know.  Cost is about $10 USD.  These come with just the white, standard tzitzit and the threads are not the best quality.  But it is cheap and you can always replace the cheaper tzitzit with a nicer set.

Depending on how big the order is Jonathan can likely “cut a deal” on the price and save everyone a few shekels.

If you are interested please indicate “Type 1” or “Type 2” techelet and quantity in your email.