Incredible. 20 men tying tzitzit throughout the evening. Extraordinary. We reviewed  how to tie… we know why to tie… and now we know how to tie.

I had the incredible privilege of hosting an all-evening tying party! Men removing the tzitzit from their tallitot kattan, and then re-tying with techelet, according to the commandment.

Some watched the YouTube training video… while others untied… and then the practice started on the kitchen chair backs. My thanks to Mary for preparing the practice threads (cotton yarn), as well as the pic below and to Christine for the bobby pins – and to Rick Spurlock for the FrayCheck (which is waiting for you on the bookshelf.)

The result was a thing of beauty and a joy to behold… tzitzit tied according to the halachah… consistent with the mitzvot.

We applauded Timothy Gordon for his excellent tying… and Steven Rogers for several excellent cotton yarn trials… Mike Scholly’s incredible focus – and re-tying that square knot forty times – was a testimony. Greg Upham’s first two corners were awesome, but he had a plane to catch…

I’m proud of you men!  On this eve of Thanksgiving, I find myself overwhelmed with my concern for each of you – and the unfathomable grace of G-d in my life – that he would allow me the privilege of growing in Messiah with each of you.

This year, for the first time I can recall, I am praising Hashem for His work in my life outside my family as much as inside. Your walk is a pleasing aroma to Hashem. May you sense His presence – and His pleasure tomorrow with great joy.

See you this Shabbat, my friends.