This weeks first hour was all about character. What character traits we look for in a man we desire to hire, or one who desires to be your son-in-law. The bottom line is that each of these men should be tzadikkim – as should we.

Godly character is demonstrated over time. Good reputation takes time to establish because people must see our tzedakah. Hopefully, these good works will bring glory to our heavenly Father.

We noted in class that Fear of HaShem and Love of HaShem are notable character traits, but upon reflection, I believe these two summarize all the traits to which we aspire.

The second hour was presented by Jeremiah Spurlock. He reviewed Judaism’s current thoughts on reincarnation, along with its origin with the Ari. Fascinating stuff and good for us to know when sharing with the chosen people. The audio is posted now on the resource page.

In case you missed it, we just finished the list of fast days described in Zechariah (8:19) that will be turned into times of joy, gladness and cheer. The fifth day of this week was the fast of the tenth (month), Tevet. That day commemorates the beginning of the siege on Yerushalayim, which culminates in the destruction of the First Temple.

Now our hearts turn to the last two months of this year, Sh’vat and Adar. The 15th of Sh’vat is the New Year for Trees followed quickly by the first of the special Shabbatot having to do with the Temple destruction and upcoming Pesach feastAdar is the last month, which has the great holiday of Purim and Esther’s fast.

If you’re having trouble keeping track – or are looking for a good Hebrew calendar, don’t get another calendar, just get the dates on your current calendar. I recommend HebCal Jewish Calendar. You can subscribe to various calendars with just the right amount of detail whether you’re using the Mac calendar, Outlook or Google Calendar. If you’re looking for a reminder on the weekly parsha, look no further than Moadim, by our very own Rick Spurlock.

May we learn of Messiah through these dates, convocations and gathering times – and may the sacrifice of the Lamb of G-d be evident to all who ask for the hope that lies within us.

Good Shabbos men,

Yosef ben Yosef