The Bella Torah community gathered for a fabulous celebration at the Upham’s home last night. My personal thanks to Greg and Gabby for spectacular hospitality!

What made the night exceptional for me was the execution of so many of the traditions weaved into the complex order of the night’s rituals. Beginning with fellowship and food (staples of our faith, to be sure), Greg and Gabby masterfully entwined the weekly Havdalah ceremony into the candle lighting for Shavuot, all the while lifting up, praising, and glorifying Messiah Yeshua. This was followed by an awesome Ma’ariv prayer time led by Jonathan Upham, as he chanted much of the machzor for us. Wonderful!

This year’s focus on our walk through Sefer Rut was the “weird leverite marriages” in the line of Mashiach, and the tikkun work of both Boaz and Ruth over and against Judah, Lot, Tamar and Lot’s older daughter (named Paltith, according to the Book of Jasher). Greg finished this Biblical history by referring to one of our previous Tzadik classes regarding the leverite marriage involved with Joseph of Galilee. Outstanding review, Greg! Thank you!!

We were also blessed to see the four newest members of the Bella Torah community, Oriyah, Shoshanna, Sophia and Moriah.

We will pray Shacharit at 11am this morning of Shavuot. All are welcome. Men will be laying tefillin. Bring your machzor.

Yom tov! Chag sameach!!

Yosef ben Yosef