I apologize for not getting this up sooner. As HaShem has blessed, this was my first Father’s Day as a grandfather. I am seeing the potential fruit of multi-generational faithfulness, and actually held her in my arms. I had the immense privilege of spending time with all my children – and it was a blessing indeed. My thanks to Gregory and Morgan for hosting us.

Last week we continued in our walk through the early chapter of the book of Acts as we discussed the lack of Pharisaic participation, despite the criticism and general loathing presented by professing Christendom. In this review we came across the amazing properties of the Apostle Peter’s shadow, and used the opportunity to discuss the legal status of a man’s shadow. The Sages have much to say on this topic and it has even influenced the care of newborn kohanim in Israel. I’ll leave you to the audio.

Tomorrow night we will discuss the Biblical concept of community.  I see great value in understanding this concept and the impact on our lives both for ourselves, our children and our children’s children. I look forward to our second to last meeting before the July break with each of you. I’m trying to keep the classes shorter (one instead of two) in order to give you a little break, get home earlier and ease into some time off.

We are in the time between the Spring and Fall Festivals. One would think it a time of relaxation and inner joy – but this is actually a time of sadness, introspection and failure in the history of G-d’s people. We read of several fasts added by the Sages to assist in reflection and remorse (the fasts of the fourth, fifth, seventh and tenth months) as described by the Zacharyah haNavi:

“Thus says HaShem Tzeva’ot: The fast of the fourth month (Tammuz) and the fast of the fifth (Av) and the fast of the seventh (Tishrei) and the fast of the tenth (Tevet) shall be to the house of Yehudah seasons of joy and gladness and cheerful feasts. Therefore love truth and peace.

Zecharyah 8:19

This time between the Spring and Fall Festivals of HaShem should cause our hearts to yearn for the coming of Yeshua HaMashiach and His Kingdom’s reign. We should lament of our sin and renew our strength to live godly lives that will be an example to those who come after us. We have just read of the bad report from the ten spies… this is the beginning of another long journey to teach us a lesson in faith.

Come! Join with me as we search the Sidra for His wisdom for our lives. See you tomorrow night.


Yosef ben Yosef