How important is community to your walk of faith? It’s been faked and minimized in protestant culture and the “clubs” called churches on each corner. The focus is often (not always) to build the building or enhance the club rather than live with, work with, minister to – the body of Messiah in that location – the community.

If you’re feeling sensitive about your church membership, best stop reading now. Whether you practice your faith in the mainline Christendom today or used to do so, most people agree with this sad assessment of the visible church today.

We reviewed the sense of community revealed in the early chapters of the Acts of the Apostles this past Tuesday. We acknowledged truths like:

  • Discipline is a joke if being “put out” of the community means nothing but finding another congregation.
  • Our demonstrated, acted upon, visible actions of love for one another are manifestations of our relationship with Messiah.
  • There were theological differences in the Apostolic community – but they stayed together – and agreed to remain under the authority of the Elders.
  • The primary reason for all the Galilean and Hellenist Jews to stay in Jerusalem was the Temple worship scene and the prayer setting which accompanied it.
  • There are many words used in the Scripture for the community or assembly of G-d’s people, but none of them is “church.”
  • Ekklesia is most often translated as synagogue in the Septuagint, but our English Apostolic translation has chosen to use synagogue as the translation in only one case – when it is associated with Satan – leaving the new “church” other times.
  • Communities are named, gather together, are known by others, often have sub-groups that don’t detract from the community but are known identified individuals (like Elders, women, etc.).

The Bella Torah community is a community because we count those who gather to pray and worship the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua the Nazarene. Come pray with us!

Rosh Chodesh Sameach!

Yosef ben Yosef