It seems that the chores of every day life, the seasons and cycles of our blessed G-d, and the lovely interruptions of being a husband, father and business owner keep me quite occupied.  🙂

We counted the Omer (mostly consistently) to Shavuot and had a delightful holiday with the Bella Torah community. Much hospitality, much prayer, much blessing. The season closed with a beautiful sunny day on the shores of Lake Wylie. To quote Robin Hood, “I heard the voice of the boy I knew coming from the man before me.” Or something like that. Yehuda ben Uzziel demonstrated his obedience publicly, choosing to be counted among the faithful of HaShem – and I am a witness.

Two of my children had birthdays this weekend, Brock’s wedding is closer than we want to admit (well, except for Brock, and perhaps Jenny), and our July hiatus is right around the corner. We are knee deep in a broad-brush of the 39 melachot these days, and based on our last reckoning, it looks like we’ll be well into September before we finish! We’ll talk about that schedule tonight and try to adjust things a bit.

During these summer months we read a chapter from the Pirkei Avot each week. I like hearing wisdom from the past. It helps ground me – especially when I don’t understand what I’m reading! 🙂

While our posts here are fewer and far between, our outreach on iTunes with the Men of Torah and Bella Torah podcasts is astonishing. I sense a strong moving of the Ruach HaKodesh in our land. The news is filled with wars and rumors of wars. We are in the midst of a blood moon tetrad. It seems that the history of the world is happening in our days, before our very eyes. I wonder with Mr. Green, “Will those who come behind us, find us faithful?” I pray so. I want my grandchildren to have an anchor in their heritage with which they can draw courage during times of persecution and dismay. Sounds noble. Maybe I’ll just leave them a handgun…

See many of you tonight, either in person or by DropCam. Remain faithful. Act like men.


Yosef b. Yosef