It’s exciting to be back in the saddle. I must confess that the time off has been a blessing and a curse. Not having to prepare lessons has been wonderful and it gave me more time with my bride. However, the lack of accountability and aimless spiritual growth was not worth the price.

Our first class in over a year will be from 7:30pm to 9:00pm tomorrow night, November 1. We’re starting a little later in the evening to make it easier for everyone to get home from work. We will end promptly before anyone stays up too late to be their best the next morning.

Our first series for the year is a new study of the Apostolic Scriptures. We will be learning what each book has to offer, key phrases, and what the Scriptures teach us regarding halachah for non-Jews. Lesson Zero, the introduction, will be tomorrow night.

We will be recording the classes on Tuesday night and posting the audio to the podcast by Wednesday at lunch time. Our camera seems to be overheating, so until it’s replaced we will not be providing live video.