Corrected: The night before the #babyspurlock brit milah this Wednesday, all of his cousins will gather to have a traditional festive meal together this Tuesday night. Afterwards, the Men of Torah class will start at its normal time (7:30pm) at the Spurlock residence.

The men are invited to stay late after class (Joshua is hoping for midnight!) to study Torah with Joshua (who greatly desires your attendance and participation!).

Once again, HaShem has provided a wonderful opportunity to bless Him through the normal steps of our life together. I pray your families will participate, and enhance the Spurlock’s simchah on Tuesday night for additional Torah study after class and at the brit milah on the eighth day of #babyspurlock’s life.

Men of Torah class this Tuesday is at Joshua Spurlock’s house, 1002 Ridgefield Circle, Indian Trail, NC 28079.

See you all tomorrow for Shabbos prayers.

Good Shabbos!

Yosef Ben Yosef