We’ve had a nice rest during the festival of Chanukah. I’m grateful to Gregory and Joshua for teaching us a class with some songs. I am faithfully praying the Modeh Ani each morning now, thanks to their tutelage.

I must admit I’m itching to return to class! Lesson 43 and the new study guide are available now on the resources page. Class begins tomorrow evening, the third day of the Sabbath, at 7:30pm. We will be broadcasting the audio live, as usual, for those of you learning from afar.

This week we are reading and studying the final portion in Sefer B’reisheetvay’chi. “And he lived” describes more than just Ya’acov, but all of the servants of the Holy One, blessed is He.

May your walk bring glory to our Master and praise from your children. Selah.


Yosef b. Yosef