After a lovely break from teaching non-stop for over a year, and then relishing the excellent class taught by Joshua Spurlock on The Messiah, we are ready to begin again.

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, 16 October, begins a 10-week study on the end times.

We are not doing an in depth study of every prophecy in Scripture. We are simply overviewing the main prophetic passages so that we can put the end times into a sequence of events.

Join us! We will meet at The Residence at 7:30pm for one hour each Tuesday night. The homework is simple and straightforward. The audio of each class will be posted the following morning.

When there is war all around us, with people dying and bombs going off, is this a mark that Messiah is about to come? Find out, from the Scriptures, with us.

The study guide is available here. Read the Intro and Lesson Zero for tomorrow night, if you have time. I can’t wait to study this incredibly important topic with you!


Yosef ben Yosef