The Torah is not man-made and is totally unique. It defines our world view.

These concepts were unknown or unattainable without the giving of the Torah. I strongly recommend The Rational Bible, the Alperson Edition, by Dennis Prager. I used his commentary to direct our discussion.

      Universal G-d, not just the G-d of the Jews
      Invisible, incorporeal G-d
      Moral, not capricious, G-d
      The first God in history beyond nature, not a nature-G-d
      God who loves, and wants to be loved
      Gives every individual unprecedented self-worth
      Introduced universal human rights
      Began the journey to belief in human equality
      Brought universal morality into the world, as G-d judges every human being
      Means good and evil are not individual or societal opinions, but objectively real, making human moral progress possible
      Gives humanity hope
      Gives human beings free will
      Introduces holiness, elevating human beings from animal-like to being created in G-d’s image
      Is necessary for human brotherhood
      Teaches us the physical realm is not the only reality, which means there is ultimate meaning to existence and to each of our lives
      Teaches might is not right

    When the atheist differs with the Torah, he thinks the Torah is wrong, and he is right.

    When the believer differs with the Torah, he things the Torah is right, and he is wrong.

    So, what IS our worldview?

    Stay tuned.

    Yosef ben Yosef