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Yet another census greets the reader in the opening passage of this week’s parasha.  The counting began with Gershon, then Merari, and concluded with Kohath. This interesting order emerges from other lists in this parasha enshrouded in a mysterious deliberateness. Based on the fact that names are significant and may also contain prophetic elements, a closer investigation of the aforementioned names reveals a remarkable parallel.

Gershon = Exile

Merari  = Bitter

Kohath = Assembly

Already this resembles a pattern similar to that of Exodus. The Children of Israel are “exiled” or at least sojourning in the land of Egypt, the oppression was bitter, then G-d delivered them and assembled the people at Mount Sinai. Nevertheless the order of names parallels another occurrence yet to come.

“when I have brought them back from the peoples and gathered them from their enemies’ lands,  and through them have vindicated my holiness in the sight of many nations.  Then they shall know that I am the L-rd their G-d, because I sent them into exile among the nations and then assembled them into their own land. I will leave none of them remaining among the nations anymore.  And I will not hide my face anymore from them, when I pour out my Spirit upon the house of Israel, declares the L-rd G-d.” Ezekiel 39:27-29

G-d revealed His amazing promise through Ezekiel of a time when He will gather the exiled people and assemble them in the Land of Israel. It is during this time that our blessed Savior Messiah Yeshua will return to Mount Zion. (Is. 59:20) May that time come soon and in our days. Although until that time continue to prepare through diligent study and seeking to draw closer to G-d. This week’s portion is a perfect example of action being the major focus of the Torah. Of course there are prophecies, parallels, and illusions to Yeshua throughout the entire Torah. Just remember that the plain meaning of the text details our responsibility as servants of the Most High which is adherence to His commandments. By faith we walk. By faith we study. By faith we live. Come quickly L-rd Yeshua!


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